Back-up your files

Hard disk on fireReliability – Isn’t that what IT infrastructure and backup are all about?  Your IT infrastructure should work for you, not the other way around.

Let your IT infrastructure work for You, not the other way around.

We design your network infrastructure and backup plans to give you peace of mind knowing that your data will be there when you need it.  We strongly believe in multiple forms of backup – both onsite and off site.  We automate as much of the backup process as possible to build in reliability in the process,

Why Multiple Backups?

Backups protect against multiple scenarios such as equipment failure, fire, theft, accidental deletion, intentional malicious deletion, etc.  This often leads to very different recovery scenarios. In some cases you want easy onsite access to your backups. Other times you will be glad to have a backup stored safely off-site.


    Some real life scenarios:

  • Data was backed up faithfully every night. Unfortunately they had been backing them up to the same device for so many years. When the files were need, they could not be reliably recovered.
  • An update to one of the key program in the office required an additional directory of data to be backed up. No one in the office knew this until a fire drill revealed the problem.
  • Equipment failed during the backup leaving both the live data and the only copy of the backup data corrupted.
  • The last employee in the office each night made a backup and was responsible for taking it home. Next morning when the backup was needed to recover data, that employee was unavailable and miles away.


Backup Fire Drill

Do you know if your backups are working? Do you have all the data, software and processes you would need to recover from a failure? Not sure? Most businesses aren’t sure – that’s why we suggest a periodic “Backup Fire drill.” Just like the fire drills we all remember from school, the backup fire drill is aimed at insuring that the procedures are accurate, complete and familiar for when you need them. Our backup fire drill is aimed at identifying the procedures you would need to recover from outages, be they internet access issues, crashed servers or physical issues at the workplace.

The Fire Drill consists of three parts – prep, execution and recommendations/changes. As preparation for the fire drill, we will review your current IT infrastructure – the machines, software and data that you rely on. We will also review your backup and recovery procedures. Then, using your procedures and data backups, we will simulate one or more outages and evaluate how quickly and completely you can recover from the outage. We will make recommendations for improvements based on the simulations.

In the past, these fire drills have exposed missing software, outdated software, unreadable backup data, outdated procedures and more. It is well worth the effort to identify and correct these issues before they are needed.

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