Internet Marketing

Just about every business needs a web presence in today’s business environment.  We look at web presence in terms of traditional websites and social media —  Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube or and/or Twitter  — to determine what methods will be the most effective way to reach your goals.


Creating and maintaining one does not have a major project or break the bank.    Some of our website clients like to hand us their material all typed up and ready to go. Others like us to sit down with them, learn about their business and then write the website material for them.  We are glad to work either way or some combination of the two. Our staff also optimizes your website to improve its placement in search engine results.

 Social Media

There are many outlets on the web to reach potential customers.  We have created successful marketing campaigns using many of leading Social Media sites.   Talk to us about your goals and we’ll design a cost effective program that meets your needs.