Collaborative Computing on the Go

The Goldberg Consulting Group can design and implement a cost-efficient Office 365 solution for your business.

  • Microsoft’s Office 365 provides a range of cost-effective solutions for “from anywhere” access to your mail and data as well as a range of collaboration tools.   If your business has you on the go or needing to share data with remote locations, we can tailor an Office 365 solution for you.
  • Get enterprise level hosted exchange mail  features for a small business using the Exchange Only Plans
  • Office 365 plans include private cloud storage for your files.   Easily share files across locations and eliminate the need for your local file server.
  • Create your own internal Sharepoint site to improve communications between team members.  Keep the company calendar and announcements where everyone can see them – regardless of where business takes them.

Online file access

stock-photo-23413317-cloud-computing-conceptMost users need to access their data from multiple devices including computers, tablets and smart phones. We work with many of today’s data syncing services and can implement the solution that is the best for your particular needs.